Beer Asteroids


Beer Me  v.

Can't decide which beer to order at a bar or buy from the store? A quick search on Beer Me surfaces beer ratings and additional information like alcohol percentage and style that will guide you to the perfect frosty beverage. NEW IN VERSION 2.0: *

Beer Engine  v.

Are you are a beer aficionado or perhaps just someone who wants to know the best place to grab a brew? If so, let Beer Engine be your guide. Making use of RateBeer’s extensive database of location, brewery, and beer ratings,


My Beer Notes  v.

Update 1.6 Eliminates some app crashes My Beer Notes lets you organize the information about the beers you have tasted or are interested in tasting. Each beer can be represented by a icon that is usually a picture of the label for the beer. You can

Beer Vault  v.

Beer Vault is an app that enables you to rate beers and even gives you a brief introduction into the world of beer tasting! It features an easy to use interface that lets you: * Write down the beer details * Rate it (score from 0 to 10) * Write a

Root Beer Reviews  v.

Do you want to know the absolute best root beers? This app is full of great reviews and information for you! This app is devoted to those people who want to step out of the grocery aisle and into the wonderful world of root beer that exists outside

Beer Monitor  v.

Do you know about your alcohol consumption? Beer Monitor enabled you to either control your alcohol consumption or simply to get to know about your drinking behavior. Trial version only supports simple statistics. Changelog ========= v2.1 *

DrinkFit - Beer, Cocktail & Liquor Nutrition Facts  v.

Ever wonder how many calories or carbohydrates are in your favorite alcoholic beverages? Not anymore! DrinkFit provides nutritional information for Beer, Cocktails, Liquor, Wine Coolers, Wine & Mixers. Perhaps you've wondered just how many minutes

Beer Reference  v.

Beer Reference application gives you access to up-to-date database of beers. You can search by beer name, view beers by categories such as beer name, brewery, beer style. Finally,

Beer  v.

Interesting facts about the beer,

Beer Drops  v.

Collect as many drops of your delicious beer as you can! Move your phone to move the mug with beer. Touch the screen to immediatly stop the mug in place. Have fun and good

Asteroids Invasion  v.

Italiano: Lo scopo del gioco A? sopravvivere all'ondata di asteroidi. L'applicazione A? in inglese. English: The purpose of the game is to survive to the attack from the asteroids. The application is in

Beer Factory  v.

You have always dreamed of beeing part of a Beerfest. Luckily the world is full of beer factories, but only when you are "trapped" inside one the real fest begins. Use the gravity to catch as many bottles as you can! Highlights: • simple but

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